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Calusa Waterkeeper premieres ‘Troubled Waters’ film

Troubled waters – now there's an understatement.

Calusa Waterkeeper held a world premiere of its documentary "Troubled Waters; Public Health Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms" Monday at a packed Broadway Palm Dinner Theater in Fort Myers. The nonprofit also hosted a question-and-answer panel made up of prestigious experts in the medical and research field, many of whom who were featured in the film, after the viewing.

As the film opened with solemn music playing over droves of de-ceased marine life covered in cyanobacteria across the region, Dr. Walter Bradley, a world-renowned expert in neuromuscular diseases and chairman emeritus of the University of Miami Department of Neurology, spoke over the images and posed the question: what is going on in our waters?

The film saw residents of Southwest Florida give testimonial on last year's toxic blue-green algae catastrophe, as well as expert opinion of several medical and research experts.