Water-Related News

Floods frustrate Lehigh Acres neighbors amid FDOT drainage project

Families are flooded out and frustrated in a Thursday in a Lehigh Acres neighborhood as dark, muddy water is at a standstill.

Kassandra Barnswell is not happy about all the water in her driveway. Despite the conditions, she has to make do.

“Hopefully nothing happens while I’m backing up,” Barnswell said, “because it’s a long road and hopefully I don’t get stuck because that’s my main concern.”

All this makes it hard to take her son to therapy. But, she still will because it is vital for the health of her son.

The Florida Dept. of Transportation said contributing factors are the heavy rainfall, the low-lying street and roadwork is to blame for Barnswell’s troubles. The contractor is not only widening the road but making drainage improvement.