Water-Related News

Lee County postpones wastewater treatment plant application approval

Right now, the request to approve an application for a proposed Lee County wastewater treatment plant is being delayed for a week.

For Jennifer Bruns, her family and their horses, having them sloshing through pasture is a reality.

“We bought the property four years ago and it was bone dry in August,” Bruns said. “Then, three years ago, we started to see the water rising.”

The Bruns are not alone. Britt Gladwell has lived there for around 30 years, with what she said was restrictive drainage in the area.

Gladwell is a cattle rancher and leases the land, which is also the site for a proposed solid waste transfer and wastewater reclamation facilities.

“I don’t know how this makes this a designated site or a suitable site,” Gladwell said.