Water-Related News

Sea-Level Rise Resiliency Committee continues to gather input for Captiva panel

As coastal communities throughout Florida are trying to identify and address the impacts of climate change, particularly in relation to rising sea levels, an island group is working to do the same.

Earlier this year, the Captiva Community Panel moved forward on creating the Sea-Level Rise Resiliency Committee, with the aim of looking at if Captiva needs to develop a future plan to fortify the island against the rising waters. Comprised of residents and panel liaisons, and guided by a hired consultant, it has been collecting information and data and putting it all in a report for the CCP.

According to a version of the living document provided at last month's panel meeting, the mission of the group is to "gather information on the effects of sea-level rise's impact on Captiva Island, including defining assets, consulting experts, defining areas of vulnerabilities and provide alternative approaches to the Captiva Community Panel for resiliency and adaptation."