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Captiva Community Panel hears wastewater research completed

At its recent meeting, the Captiva Community Panel (CCP) received an update on the supplemental wastewater research project, as well as decided not to allocate additional funds to extend - for a second time - the pilot program for iguana control service.

On Aug. 13, Panel Member Jay Brown reported that he had spoken with David Tomasko, of Environmental Science Associates. Hired as a consultant, he is identifying the benefits and risks of the island continuing with its septic reliance and practices versus a type of central sewer program.

The panel will utilize Tomasko's findings, along with the county-funded TKW study on wastewater alternatives, to decide whether to recommend a different approach on wastewater for the future.

"He has advised me that he has completed his research," Brown said.

"He has begun to develop his general conclusions," he added.

Based on his research, Tomasko's preliminary finding appears to be that Captiva's existing septic systems do not pose a significant risk to the coastal environment in terms of nutrients and pathogens.

But, limited separation between drain field and the seasonal high water table may be the problem.