Water-Related News

Bonita Springs City Council narrowly approves new fee for flood risk mitigation

Bonita Springs residents will see a new fee on next year’s tax bill after City Council approved a way to pay for flood mitigation and water quality projects.

The stormwater utility fee will cost $50 per property with several discounts and credits available depending on the home. Condo owners will pay $20, and people living in gated communities with stormwater systems could receive credits of up to 50%. Owners of mobile homes also will pay less.

Commercial properties would pay fees depending on building and parking lot size — the more concrete and asphalt on a property, the higher the taxes.

The new tax will raise about $1.7 million a year to be used only on stormwater-related maintenance or improvements, the city said. Severe flooding in the wake of Hurricane Irma made water projects a top priority for the council, according to discussions held during public meetings.