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Charlotte County has costly mandatory septic system switch

Hundreds of home owners in Charlotte County have to switch from septic to the county sewer system, and they don’t have a choice.

The switch could cost home owners as much as $11,000, but the county says these changes will help prevent another algae and water crisis.

Residents of Charlotte County are not thrilled with the forced change.

Susan Goldhahn said there is nothing wrong with her 1985 private septic system. But Charlotte County wants her to hook up to its sewers. “I am a single person living here working two jobs, trying to make ends meet,” she said. “Then, I get hit with this!”

Goldhahn is one of over 500 property owners who were sent a notice from the county in recent months and the change is not cheap. While some will get time to prepare because of a countywide backlog, at least 50 property owners will need to switch within a year. Homeowners with a gravity system will have to pay around $6,500. But properties with low-pressure sewer systems are more complex. Improvements can cost over $11,000.