Water-Related News

City of Bonita Springs Stormwater Assessment Fee takes effect

Residents of the City of Bonita Springs will now see a Stormwater Assessment Fee included in their property taxes.

The City of Bonita Springs recently adopted a stormwater assessment fee based upon individual property owner’s impervious surface area. The average impervious area for a single-family home in Bonita Springs amounted to 4,500 square feet and this square footage was established as an Equivalent Residential Unit or ERU, upon which the $50.00 fee structure is based.

  • All single-family homes are assumed to be one ERU and the fee derived for one ERU is $50.00.
  • Condominiums are assessed at .4 ERU’s (1,800/4,500) or $20.00.
  • Single family homes, including mobile homes that have 1,800 square feet or less of impervious area are also assessed at .4 ERU’s or $20.00.
  • Commercial property fees are calculated by dividing their square footage of impervious area by 4500 square feet (one ERU) multiplied by $50.00.

What is important to remember with this fee structure is that your whole lot is taken in to consideration when assessing your impervious area, not just the size of your residence.

For more information, visit http://www.bonitastormwater.com/ or call 239-949-6262.

The fee is assessed annually and is set during the City's annual budget process.