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Blue-green algae makes unusual winter appearance in Caloosahatchee

Just in time for the height of tourist season, patchy slicks of blue-green algae are showing up in the Caloosahatchee, including at one of the river’s popular access points, the Davis Boat Ramp.

The Fort Myers Shores spot is well used by anglers, jet boaters and pleasure cruisers, yet there are no signs of the potential dangers of exposure to algae toxins.

State Department of Environmental Protection workers sampled the cyanobacteria bloom Tuesday, but the Department of Health in Lee County hasn’t yet released any advisories or posted signs.

The state’s new water quality website offers no explanation for the lack of on-site notification, but it does have information on the bloom, which is yellow-flagged with a warning that reads, "Blue-green algae may be in these waters. Not all blue-green algae blooms contain toxins. However, adults, children and pets should avoid swimming in or drinking water from these waters while blue-green algae blooms are present."