Water-Related News

Captiva Community Panel poll shows support for septic-to-sewer conversion

The Captiva Community Panel's "straw poll" to determine the amount of public support for a possible central sewer program concluded on April 7. The proposed plan would provide central sewer service to all areas of Captiva outside the South Seas Island Resort. South Seas already has central sewer service provided by an FGUA processing facility located within the resort area.

Properties outside South Seas rely mostly upon conventional septic systems. The possible central sewer program would extend Sanibel's central sewer service to all areas of Captiva outside South Seas. A new main sewer line would be installed from Blind Pass across Captiva to the entrance of the South Seas Resort. The sewer line would transport wastewater from Captiva properties outside South Seas to Sanibel's Donax wastewater treatment facility. The Donax facility treats wastewater to the highest pollutant removal standards now in existence and would have ample capacity to treat all Captiva wastewater.

Sanibel would treat Captiva's wastewater under an interlocal agreement between Lee County and Sanibel. The total project cost would be funded by creation of a municipal taxing authority approved by a majority of property owners in the proposed Captiva service area.