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Fecal contamination level is high in Billy Creek

The latest tests from Calusa Waterkeepers shows that contamination levels caused by fecal bacteria in Billy Creek remain high.

Neil Wilkinson is a retired FGCU professor who has lived along Billy Creek in Fort Myers for 16 years.

“For as long as I’ve lived there, the water quality has not been good,” Wilkinson said.

But after recent test results, he’d like to see it cleaned up.

“The water flows down into the marine environment of which I would say that ecosystem touches all bases of our economy,” Wilkinson said.

Billy Creek flows into the Caloosahatchee River.

So far, he says, alerting people hasn’t been a very high priority. “There has not been a big effort to let people who live there know that. It’s really only recently it’s come out, not recently, the last couple years, that there’s a serious problem.”