Water-Related News

City may have solution to Bonita Springs flooding

Residents of one Bonita Springs neighborhood say they’re tired of seeing huge puddles of water outside their homes every time it rains. Many fear that their drainage problems will only get worse if more homes are built.

City of Bonita Springs officials say that a long-awaited water project coming to the area will stop that from happening.

Shirley Tralewski and her dog Coco have had their daily routine interrupted by the flooding.

“She likes to go in the grass and everything and she doesn’t like to go in the water,” said Tralewski.

Standing water now covers her yeard. “I didn’t know I bought [a] lakefront property!” Trawelski said jokingly.

Heavy rain from now-Hurricane Sally caused standing water in many yards in the Paradise Road neighborhood. Two days later and huge pools of water are still covering driveways, front yards and backyards.