Water-Related News

More than $1 million approved for Cape Coral reclaimed water project

City leaders have partnered with Fort Myers City leaders to solve water issues. Currently Fort Myers has a surplus of treated water they need to get rid of, and Cape Coral is running low on water in places like their canals.

The Caloosahatchee Connect Project would build a pipeline from Fort Myers to Cape Coral to improve water quality and help keep the canals filled.

“This project is really a win-win situation because the City of Fort Myers currently has a surplus of reclaimed water that they need to find a way to reduce that and reuse it in an environmentally friendly way. The City of Cape Coral at the same time has the issue of not having enough irrigation water and needing some water for fire protection purposes. This project will build a pipeline under the Caloosahatchee River near the Cape Coral Midpoint Bridge,” said Kaye Molnar, public information officer for the Caloosahatchee Connect Project.