Water-Related News

Mayor wants independent investigation of Fort Myers’ wastewater management

Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson is calling for an independent investigation into the City’s wastewater management.

Fort Myers City Council learned Tuesday night equipment at the wastewater plants are failing.

Anderson asked the director of public works if the City is in imminent danger of a catastrophic sewage spill, but the director could not answer the question.

The City engineer says they are working on replacing old equipment.

Councilman Fred Burson and Mayor Anderson said City Manager Saeed Kazemi lied about the waterways being clean and did not disclose needed information.

“For two years, I’ve questioned the testing of the well water and was told, “No, we’re within the acceptable limits, and now according to the [Florida Department of Environmental Protection] we’re not,” Anderson said.

Council voted to move forward with a $700,000 project to prevent future spills.

The State DEP has already fined Fort Myers $512,000 for spills including waste, arsenic and copper.