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How water projects north of Lake Okeechobee can help SWFL

LORIDA, FLORIDA — In 2018, harmful algae blooms like red tide left a devastating impact on both the environment and the economy in Southwest Florida.

Ensuring that it doesn’t happen again is no small task. In fact, cleaning up the water that flows to our region is a process that starts more than 100 miles away.

This month, the NBC2 Investigators traveled two hours north to meet with the South Florida Water Management District [SFWMD]. Their restoration of the Kissimmee River north of Lake Okeechobee can ultimately help lead to cleaner water along the gulf.

Lawrence Glenn, the water resources director for the SFWMD, took NBC2 on an airboat ride to see the work up-close.

“We’re going to the Phase 1 restoration area,” Glenn explained.