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Cape residents claim new construction caused damage to well water systems

CAPE CORAL – More northwest Cape Coral residents are claiming new construction near their homes may have caused pricey damage to their well water systems.

Before a new house was constructed next to his property in 2019, Devin Maresca said he never had well water issues during his 27 years of living in Cape Coral.

Days after a new well was dug on the neighboring property, he said his water pressure went down to nothing more than a trickle. It cost him $1,350 in repairs during the week of Christmas that year.

β€œIt just started coincidentally when H2O Systems drilled the well next door,” Maresca said.

He realized last week after NBC2 spoke to other people in his area who are having issues similar to what he dealt with back in 2019, that new construction might be the culprit of his own well issues too.

Several people said last week that as new homes have been going up, older wells have been breaking down nearby soon after.

H2O Water Systems, based in Cape Coral, confirmed Thursday they did install the well pump on the property next to Maresca.