Water-Related News

Estero tackles septic systems to reduce fecal indicators in Estero River

Estero is aiming to reduce polluted waterways with one of its largest programs to date — a septic to sewer program that will touch 15 communities and cost $40 million in the coming years.

Village Council has talked for a year about a project to connect every piece of property to sewer lines and eliminate septic systems in the Estero.

The plan is firming up. An engineering firm, Woodard and Curran, was hired to identify programs, work with contractors and find important grant funding. Engineer Scott Shannon presented the firm's initial findings to Council during an April meeting.

The separate study identified 15 areas that still use septic tanks. It also listed conversion cost estimates — installing the necessary piping and repairing any road or ground torn up in the process. Almost all properties lie within a half mile of the Estero River, which is a key factor in the entire project.

“The ultimate goal is not only to provide the septic to sewer systems for these communities, but also to clean up the Estero River.”