Water-Related News

City of Punta Gorda receives $1M state budget appropriation

The City of Punta Gorda, with the assistance of the lobbying firm, Capitol Access has secured a one million dollar appropriation for the Boca Grande Boulevard area water quality improvement project. The City offers a sincere thank you to Governor Ron DeSantis, State Representative Michael Grant, State Senator Ben Albritton and State Senator Joe Gruters for their support and work on this important initiative. The project also has substantial local support through the one percent sales tax program.

The project will increase community resiliency and provide necessary flood control and water quality treatment of stormwater runoff from the city's Boca Grande neighborhood. The area experiences significant flooding and the current drainage conveyance does not provide a formal measure of water quality treatment. The drainage from this area ultimately outfalls to Charlotte Harbor. The harbor and surrounding coastal areas will benefit from the project's treatment of impairments. Design and property acquisition are almost complete and construction is anticipated to start in fiscal year 2022.