Water-Related News

Officials work to prevent future flooding in Lee County

FORT MYERS – Heavy flooding took over the Island Park neighborhood, not once, but twice back in 2017.

Floodwater damaged several businesses and homes in South Fort Myers. It was a nightmare for many. Denny Billec, manager at Phantom Fireworks arrived at work that day and noticed it was impossible to drive through the parking lot.

“We came to work in the morning thinking we’re going to start a normal day. I’m pulling into the parking lot here and we couldn’t get into the place. It was not a river, I don’t know what it was, maybe a canal let’s say and we couldn’t get into the store. That lasted about 3 days,” said Billec. 

Since then, Lee County officials performed drainage enhancements and cleared up ditches and culverts to make sure they’re prepared for the next rainstorm.