Water-Related News

Lee County students take field trip with FSW to study water quality

Florida SouthWestern State College is inspiring the next generation to take an interest in the health of Southwest Florida waterways.

The college hosted Lee County schools on Wednesday as part of a STEM Camp where they learned about water quality in Punta Rassa.

Students collected water samples and recorded data.

“We are helping the fourth and fifth graders, elementary students, learn about water quality in our waters in Southwest Florida,” said Dr. Melanie Ulrich, microbiology and biology Professor at FSW.

“Well, I never knew that science involved like water testing, and I never knew that we water tested to see if like, it was good for fishing, swimming, boating, and drinking. So I’ve learned that and it’s really cool,” said Paisley Orlando, a camper.

During the excursion, students observed algae and microplastics in the water.