Water-Related News

Cape Coral approves proposed changes to fertilizer ordinance

At the Oct. 6th regular meeting of the City Council the following changes to the fertilizer ordinance were approved:

  • Fertilizer-restricted zone, located along waterways, increased from 10 feet to 15 feet.
  • Prohibited application period remains June 1 through September 30, however, the Ordinance gives the City Manager the authority to extend this period to include the month of May when necessary (e.g. presence of blue-green algae, hurricanes).
  • Phosphorus fertilizer is not permitted to be used at any time unless a soil test, performed in the past 2 years, identifies a phosphorus deficiency.
  • The City will check state-regulated certifications prior to issuing a business license. Florida requires commercial fertilizer applicators to hold a 4-year license.
  • The City will host a voluntary educational program for residents and fertilizer retailers.
  • With consent, Code Officers can sample fertilizer tanks and spreaders, at the City’s expense, for analysis in the City’s certified lab.