Water-Related News

Cape Coral joins Resiliency Compact to curb climate change

In April, Cape Coral joined 13 other cities and counties in Florida in passing a Resiliency Compact, dedicated to curbing climate change and preserving the coastal shores.

Cape Coral joined the Compact with Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties based on biogeographic and economic similarities. Cape Coral has been collaborating with the FGCU Water School to facilitate the compact.

“Our main focus is sea level rise,” said Dr. Maya Robert, director of Environmental Resources for Cape Coral. “Sixty percent of Cape Coral is in a flood zone.”

Sea level rise could leave Cape Coral underwater.

"Cape Coral is the largest city in Florida, so the city council members felt that it was imperative to pass a memorandum of understanding with the impact it could have with the canal system,” said Dr. Robert.

Cape Coral has 400 miles of canals, and, geographically, is the largest city in Florida.