Water-Related News

Bonita Springs approves purchase of 3 homes in high hazard area

Update: Quinn/Downs/Dean Neighborhood for the Voluntary Home Buyout Program

Council has approved a purchase agreement for 3 homes in the hazard area outlined in the Home Buyout Program. The purchase agreements reflect current market value for the properties. Once the City closes on the properties, the structures will be demolished, will remain vacant and in the City’s ownership in perpetuity. The lands may be used for stormwater improvements or passive open space.

About the Home Buyout Program

The focus of the buyout program is to acquire properties that are in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and in high-risk flood areas to help reduce the impact of future disasters. The program also assists property owners to relocate outside the threat of flooding. The City is using federal U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (HUD CDBG-DR) funds to acquire parcels in the Quinn/Downs/Dean Neighborhood through the Voluntary Home Buyout Program (VHBP). Participants in this program must adhere to specific family income limits in order to qualify for the buyout.