Water-Related News

Cape Coral plans to install 10 “bubble curtains” to fight blue-green algae in canals

A water crisis took over Cape Coral canals in 2018, spawning blue-green algae.

Since then, Cape Coral has tested bubble curtains.

Now, it is ready to deploy the curtains in 10 different canals.

“We’ve been permitting with the Army Corps of Engineers for some time now. You know, it is taking a little bit longer than the city would like the process to take,” said Michael Ilczyzyn, public works director for the City of Cape Coral.

Ilczyzyn said each bubble curtain will cost $75,000.

City council has to come up with $750,000 ix taxpayer dollars to hopefully keep the canals clean.

“Anybody that’s part of the stormwater program basically pays an annual assessment to the city and those funds are being utilized for this preventative technology,” Ilczyzyn said.