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Wetlands restoration brings birds to Babcock Ranch

For Richard Kinley, an amateur photographer who was among the first residents to move into Babcock Ranch four years ago, the restoration of wetlands between Sunset Lake and Bullhorn Circle is providing golden photographing opportunities.

“I’m running across birds I’ve never taken a picture of before,” he said.

Recently, he photographed a peregrine falcon near a bald eagle, something he didn’t think was possible.

The restoration of this wetland area, with input from the Audubon Society, began shortly after development of the first phase of Babcock Ranch, according to Bill Vander May, senior vice president for operations with Kitson & Partners.

“It’s going to be a great amenity for the community, as well as the environment,” Vander May said. “In five years, we will see the wetland area full of water.”

Kinley agrees, saying he’s seeing a lot more wildlife now compared to four years ago.