Water-Related News

Low water levels in Cape Coral’s freshwater canals causing concern, safety issues

The water in freshwater canals in Southwest Florida is extremely low. Those canal levels affect homeowners and boaters and when they drop, it becomes a safety issue.

The canals do more than provide water for irrigation. They also supply water for some fire hydrants. There is not a lot of water in the freshwater canals leaving those living on them frustrated and concerned.

Boats are on the ground, and you can see just as much grass as water in some places. You can also see a line showing where the water in the canals used to be in Cape Coral.

“Like a bank account, if you just withdraw, you don’t deposit what’s going to happen haha you’re broke,” said Cape Coral resident Robert Gosselin.

For almost twenty years, Gosselin has enjoyed walking back to the canal behind his home to feed the animals as they swim by. Now, the ducks don’t have much water to work with

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen it in years. Wildlife has just taken a bad beating. Fish birds plus you get a stench out of here that’s just unbearable,” said Gosselin.

Cape Coral resident Dennis Blankowitsch agrees that the water levels have never been this bad. “If you want to buy a house where you can go and have mud baths, this would be the place,” said Blankowitsch.

To fix the problem, the City of Cape Coral is working to pump water in from the Southwest Aggregates Reservoir in Charlotte County. A step the city has taken during the previous two dry seasons.