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Calusa Waterkeeper finds high levels of bacteria in Billy Creek

A creek isn’t clearing up after years of problems. The Calusa Waterkeeper says there’s a high level of contamination in Billy Creek. The place is known for being a health concern.

The view of the water may be great, but it’s what’s under Billy’s Creek that scares Neil Wilkinson, a retired instructor with FGCU’s Marine and Ecological Sciences Program who lives on Billy’s Creek.

“The bacterial levels are off the chart, it’s, you know, it’s not a happy thing to say you live on the most polluted creek in Southwest Florida,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson lives along the fecal contaminated waters.

“I touched the water. I washed like three times,” said Wilkinson.

Every time anyone touches this polluted water they’re at risk. Calusa Waterkeeper monitors the bacteria in Billy Creek and said the bacterial levels are off the charts.