Water-Related News

Fort Myers issuing permits for water mains but can’t promise anything will flow through them

“The bottom line is we let growth get ahead of us.”

Fort Myers officials informed developers last week that while they can obtain permits for new water hookups, there won’t be water flowing for the foreseeable future.

After the Florida Department of Environmental Protection told the city it could no longer issue general permits on water mains, the city explained in a letter it would have to be judicious with water until new wells start producing.

“By certifying General Permit applications for developers or contractors to construct water main extensions to serve new developments, the city or public water system is making a commitment to supply the water necessary to meet the design water demands of the project and that the water treatment plant to which the project will be connected has the capacity necessary to meet the design water demands for the project,” the letter reads.

“The Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health are concerned that with the growth in the city and the number of development projects permitted in recent years that the city may not be able to meet the water demand generated by these projects without additional wells.”

Mayor Kevin Anderson said the city must be careful now after years of poor planning.