Water-Related News

Lake O level continues to drop

Fri., Sept. 2nd – Lake Okeechobee’s level continued to recede last week, primarily due to evapotranspiration.

On Friday, Sept. 2, the lake level was 12.56 feet above sea level, compared to 12.62 feet seven days prior. The average lake level for Sept. 2, based on the 1965-2007 levels, was 14.22 ft. The top of the Water Shortage Management Band for this date, as set in the Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule in 2008 (LORS08) is 12.4 feet.

No lake water was released east or west last week.

To the east, no lake water has been released at Port Mayaca since April 2021.

To the west, no lake water was released because local basin runoff was sufficient to exceed the minimum flow at the Franklin Lock. For the seven day period ending Sept. 2 (Aug. 27-Sept. 2), flow through the Julian Keen Jr. Lock at Moore Haven was 0 cubic feet per second. Flow through the Franklin Lock, which is 43 miles from Moore Haven, was 3,445 cfs, all from local basin runoff. Most of the rain fell west of the Ortona Lock. Flow at the Ortona Lock was just 895 cfs. Some permitted water users draw water from the river for irrigation. Thanks to runoff from local rainfall, water levels in the river were sufficient that no water was needed from Lake O.