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Lee County targets pet-friendly neighborhoods to help combat algae problems

LEE COUNTY – People who live in certain parts of Lee County can expect to get a flyer in the mail, encouraging you to not feed the algae monsters, by picking up after your pets.

The county is asking everyone to play their part, but says only certain neighborhoods will get the postcards.

Those neighborhoods include Hendry Creek, Whiskey Creek, Deep Lagoon, Yellow Fever Creek, Mullock Creek and Billy Creek.

The six different neighborhoods aren’t necessarily places with algae problems but are watersheds that the county monitors regularly.

“We’re sending out postcards to people in affected waterbody areas. Those are areas where our water bodies already have some critical concerns,” says Lee County Natural Resource Manager Kurt Harclerode

Harclerode says, when you’re out walking your dog, it may not seem like leaving their waste will cause such a bigger issue.

But pet waste left on the ground has a high nutrient & bacteria content.