Water-Related News

Peace River submerges Arcadia after breaking 110-year-old flood record

Arcadia, Florida, is 40 miles from the Gulf Coast, but parts of the city remained underwater days after Hurricane Ian ravaged the state.

When torrential rain flooded the city Friday afternoon, the Peace River crested at more than 25 feet (25.36 at one point, although the final number was not available)—breaking the record of 25 feet—set in 1912—by several inches. The river flooded almost 5 feet more from Ian than when Hurricane Irma hit in 2017. The excessive water from Ian crumbled roadways and formed giant sinkholes. The area remains flooded days after the hurricane passed.

The flooding was exacerbated when the Peace River overflowed Friday [Sept. 30] afternoon, surpassing the National Weather Service's estimates. A video from The Weather Channel shows houses submerged to the roof line. Footage shows cars completely under water.