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SFWMD and Lee County working to clear hurricane debris from area waterways

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The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is working in partnership with Lee County to expedite the removal of storm debris left in major waterways by Hurricane Ian’s strong winds, significant rainfall, and powerful storm surge. This debris includes fallen trees, vegetation and construction material from damaged homes and properties.

Did you know that keeping canals and waterways clear of trees and other obstructions is an important component of providing flood protection throughout South Florida?

Debris from Hurricane Ian is impeding the flow of water through the drainage system. Removing debris from local waterways limits the possibility of flooding from future storm events and ensures the drainage system works to protect Florida's families and businesses.

The District is working with Lee County to clear storm debris from key waterways that provide drainage for the region.

Continued progress in these waterways includes:

  • Completed removal of storm debris from the Ten-Mile Canal.
  • Continuing debris removal from Daughtrey Creek, Orange River, Hickey Creek and Telegraph Creek.

To date, SFWMD crews have removed 27 truckloads of debris weighing over 150 tons from waterways in Lee County. These materials were transported to a solid waste facility, where they will be recycled into mulch.

Our SFWMD team is dedicated to the recovery effort and will keep working to provide relief to communities impacted by Hurricane Ian. Learn more about the SFWMD’s ongoing response to Hurricane Ian.