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Experts: Hurricane Ian’s floodwaters could lead to worse algae blooms

BONITA SPRINGS – Hurricane Ian's destructive path caused catastrophic flooding in many areas. And as many work to clean up the pieces left behind, some worry that all of that water mixing together could lead to harmful algal blooms.

To learn more about the possibility ABC Action News went down to Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) to talk to Dr. Barry Rosen who studies the bacteria that makes blue-green algae.

From his lab, he told us the possibility of a blue-green bloom is technically there.

"It may or may not be. It's a difficult thing to know exactly what's going to happen, [with] that mix of compounds that flowed in with the hurricane," he said.

That said, he's also not totally convinced it will happen because of the very specific mixture of light and nutrients that need to be in place for a bloom.

He also adds that the season for the type of bacteria that causes blue-green algae blooms is all but over.