Water-Related News

FEMA redraws SWFL flood zone maps

CAPE CORAL – You could be living in a flood zone right now and not even know it. That’s because FEMA has just drawn and released new flood zone maps.

You may think you’re out of reach of the flood waters, but the federal government may disagree.

FEMA redrew its maps on November 17, and many people are finding out they don’t have to live along the water in order to live in a flood zone.

Caryn Atkin of Cape Coral said prior to last month, she did not live in a flood zone.

However, the new maps now show Atkin, and many of her neighbors are at risk of flooding.

“Our mortgage company sent us a letter saying they needed a copy of our flood insurance. Even though we weren’t flooded…they wanted a copy of the flood insurance,” Atkin said.

The letters warning homeowners that flood insurance is now necessary are catching many by surprise.