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City of Cape Coral begins work to clean up canals after Ian

Many are still working to clean up after Ian, but imagine you had to clean up 400 miles of canals. That’s what is happening in Cape Coral.

The City of Cape Coral is cleaning up its canals.

“I was like yay, finally,” said Lisa Murphy.

Michael Murphy was also excited. “I was like, oh goody, I get to put my boat back in there,” he said. “Well, there was trees crossing it. You couldn’t get through either side. There was trees down at both ends. So it was quite a mess.”

It was a mess and an environmental concern.

“So far, when it comes to water quality results, we haven’t seen a drastic change compared to our averages,” said Maya Robert, the City of Cape Coral environmental resources manager.

While the water may not look clean, Robert said the murkiness does not equal poor water quality.