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Lee County, Bonita Springs amend beach renourishment interlocal agreement

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The City of Bonita Springs and Lee County have an existing Interlocal Agreement for the Renourishment of the north portion of Bonita Beach. This regular recurring project is scheduled to begin after turtle nesting season, November 1, 2024.

Hurricane Ian damaged Bonita Beach south of the existing renourishment project limits. The City surveyed the damage and successfully petitioned the State for $4M in grant funds to restore the south Bonita Beach segment which extends approximately 9,700 feet from the southern end of the previously defined project south to the Collier County line.

The City, working with Lee County successfully amended the existing renourishment permits to include construction of south Bonita Beach into the existing project. The attached interlocal amendment allows Lee County to administer construction of the South Bonita Beach project.

The City will be responsible for all costs associated with the south Bonita Beach segment. Grant agreements between the City and State have already been executed, and any funds that are not required for the project will be applied to the balance of the project to reduce the local cost to the extent allowed by the grant.