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Cape Coral Utilities Department receives two reuse awards

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The City of Cape Coral’s Utilities Department was awarded two David W. York Reuse Awards for Reuse System of the Year and Reuse Project of the Year from the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA).

The FWEA Water Resources, Reuse and Resiliency (WR3) Committee honors utilities, customers, and organizations for their commitment to, and their accomplishments in, developing, using, and/or maintaining exemplary reuse programs.

The City's Utilities Department won Reuse System of the Year for outstanding operation of the Southwest and Everest Water Reclamation Facilities. These two water reclamation facilities can treat up to 28.5 million gallons of wastewater per day and distribute reclaimed water to the City’s irrigation customers.

The City of Cape Coral and the City of Fort Myers won Reuse Project of the Year for the Caloosahatchee Connect reclaimed water pipeline. This project allows Cape Coral to transfer up to 12 million gallons of water from Fort Myers daily. Instead of discharging this water into the river, it will provide additional irrigation water to Cape Coral residents to reduce freshwater canal withdrawals.