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Water Resources in the Peace River Basin

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type County S-T-R
Adeline Bay   Lake Hardee 22-35-26
Alfred, Lake   Lake Polk 30-27-26
Alligator Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Altamaha, Lake   Lake Polk 10-30-27
Anglers Lake Sunshine Lake Lake Polk 23-28-24
Ann, Lake   Lake Polk 1-30-25
Annie, Lake   Lake Polk 3-29-27
Arcadia Canal   River Desoto N/A¹
Ariana, Lake   Lake Polk 3-28-25
Arietta, Lake Lighterlog Lake Polk 27-27-25
Arrowhead, Lake   Lake Polk 22-28-25
Ashton, Lake   Lake Polk 19-29-27
Auburn Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Azalea, Lake   Lake Polk 7-30-25
Banana Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Banana North Pit Lake Stahl Lake Polk 9-29-24
Banana South Pit Little Banana Lake, Highland Hill Lake Lake Polk 9-29-24
Banana-Hancock Canal   River Polk N/A¹
Barber Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Bear Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Bear Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Bee Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Bee Gum Lake   Lake De Soto 20-38-24
Belle East, Lake Lake Belle West Lake Polk 11-30-27
Belle, Lake Lake Belle West Lake Polk 11-30-27
Bentley, Lake   Lake Polk 29-28-24
Bess, Lake   Lake Polk 18-29-27
Between the Grades Lake   Lake Charlotte 22-41-24
Beulah, Lake   Lake Polk 12-30-25
Blue Lake   Lake Highlands 15-35-28
Blue Lake (Highland Park) Big Blue, Little Blue Lake Polk 24-30-27
Blue Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk 27-28-24
Blue, Lake (Winter Haven) Blue 2 Lake Polk 13-28-25
Bobcat Creek   River Desoto N/A¹
Boggy Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Boggy Branch (east of Bartow)   River Polk N/A¹
Bonny, Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk N/A
Boomerang, Lake   Lake Polk 20-27-27
Bowlegs Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Brandy Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Broad Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Brown, Lake   Lake Polk 19-27-27
Brush, Lake   Lake Polk 4-30-26
Brushy Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Buckeye, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Buckhorn Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Buffum, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Burbank, Lake Sarden Lake Lake Polk 16-28-24
Butler, Lake   Lake Polk 32-27-27
Buzzard Roost Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Camp Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Camp Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Cannon, Lake   Lake Polk 19-28-26
Canyon, Lake   Lake Polk 6-29-24
Charlie Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Charlotte Harbor   Bay Sarasota N/A¹
Chilton, Lake   Lake Highlands 7-33-28
Christy, Lake   Lake Highlands 15-35-28
Citrus, Lake   Lake Polk 17-28-26
Como Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Complex Lake   Lake Polk 22-28-24
Confusion, Lake   Lake Polk 30-27-27
Conine, Lake Lake Connie Lake Polk N/A
Coons Bay Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Cooper, Lake Lake Worth Lake Polk 2-30-27
Cow Slough   River Desoto N/A¹
Crago, Lake   Lake Polk 31-27-24
Crews Lake   Lake Polk 22-29-24
Crooked Arm Lake   Lake Charlotte 10-41-25
Crystal Lake   Lake Polk 15-30-26
Crystal Lake (Dundee)   Lake Polk N/A
Crystal Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk 21-28-24
Crystal Lake (S Of Winter Haven) Cunningham Lake Polk 23-29-26
Cummings, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Cypress Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Cypress Slough   River Charlotte N/A¹
Daisy, Lake   Lake Polk 6-29-27
Dance, Lake   Lake Polk 28-29-27
Deep Creek   River Desoto N/A¹
Deep Lake   Lake De Soto 36-38-25
Deer, Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk 25-28-25
Dell, Lake   Lake Polk 28-28-27
Dexter, Lake   Lake Polk 2-29-26
Dinner Lake (S Of Waverly)   Lake Polk 15-29-27
Dinner Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk 2-29-25
Doe Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Doll, Lake   Lake Polk 36-28-26
Dollar Lake   Lake Polk 12-29-26
Dorchester Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Dot, Lake   Lake Polk 15-29-27
Duck Pond   Lake Hardee 35-35-23
Eagle Lake   Lake Polk 1-29-25
East Branch Troublesome Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
East Spring Lake   Lake Charlotte 21-40-22
Echo, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Edward, Lake Lake Coward Lake Polk 35-29-27
Effie, Lake   Lake Polk 3-30-27
Elbert, Lake Little Elbert Lake Polk N/A
Elder Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Elizabeth, Lake   Lake Polk 34-28-26
Elkcam Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Eloise, Lake   Lake Polk 3-29-26
Elsie, Lake   Lake Polk 29-27-27
Engineers Lake   Lake Polk 5-28-27
Engle Lake   Lake Polk 20-29-24
English Lake   Lake De Soto 12-39-23
Erin, Lake   Lake Polk 11-30-25
Eva, Lake (Haines City)   Lake Polk N/A
Eva, Lake (N Of Lake Alfred)   Lake Polk 29-27-26
Fairview Lake   Lake Polk 22-28-24
Fairway Lake   Lake Polk 22-28-24
Fannie, Lake Lake Fanny Lake Polk N/A
Fauna Lake   Lake Polk 18-30-25
Fish Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Fish Lake   Lake Polk 33-27-24
Fivemile Gully   River Hardee N/A¹
Flamingo Waterway   River Sarasota N/A¹
Flopbuck Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Flora Lake (Bartow) Big Bass Lake, Little Bass Lake, Boca Cove, Gaskin's Cut, Floral Lake Lake Polk 18-30-25
Flora Lake (Winter Haven) Lake Enderly Lake Polk 8-30-26
Florence, Lake   Lake Polk 35-28-26
Florence, Lake   Lake Hardee 27-35-26
Fordham Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Fort Meade Pit Pleasant Grove, Patterson Park, Chain of Lakes Lake Polk 27-31-25
Fortner Lake   Lake Polk 23-30-25
Fox, Lake   Lake Polk 6-29-27
French Lake (Alturas) Perch Lake Lake Polk 21-30-26
Gadau Lake   Lake Polk 23-30-26
Gannet Slough   River Glades N/A¹
Garfield, Lake   Lake Polk 5-30-26
Gaskin Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Gate Lake   Lake Polk 27-29-27
Gator Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Gator Lake   Lake Polk 26-30-26
Gem, Lake   Lake Polk 21-28-26
George, Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk N/A
Gibson, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Gilshey Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Gordon, Lake (Alturas)   Lake Polk 21-30-27
Gordon, Lake (Lake Hamilton)   Lake Polk 16-28-27
Gordon, South Lake (Alturas)   Lake Polk 28-30-27
Gordon, Southwest Lake (Alturas)   Lake Polk 29-30-27
Grass Lake   Lake De Soto 31-38-24
Grass Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk 29-27-26
Grassy Lake   Lake Polk 34-29-27
Grassy Lake (Alturas)   Lake Polk 35-30-26
Grassy Lake (Eagle Lake)   Lake Polk 2-29-25
Griffin, Lake Lake Alfred Lake Polk 30-27-26
Gross, Lake Grassy, Grass Lake Polk 14-29-26
Gum Lake   Lake Polk 999-199-999
Gum Swamp Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Gwyn, Lake   Lake Polk 16-29-26
Hack Lake   Lake Polk 8-30-25
Haines, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Hamilton, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Hampton Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Hancock, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Handcock Lake   Lake De Soto 1-39-23
Hardee Pond A   Lake Hardee 12-33-23
Hardee Pond B   Lake Hardee 12-33-23
Hardee Pond C   Lake Hardee 2-33-23
Hardee Pond D   Lake Hardee 2-33-23
Hart, Lake (Auburndale)   Lake Polk 2-28-25
Hart, Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk 24-29-26
Hartridge, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Haverhill Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Haw Branch   River Highlands N/A¹
Hawthorne Creek   River Desoto N/A¹
Hazel, Lake   Lake Polk 15-29-26
Henry, Lake (E Of Ft Meade) Lake Hendry Lake Polk 16-31-26
Henry, Lake (Haines City) Drane Lake Polk N/A
Hester, Lake   Lake Polk 19-27-27
Hickey Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Hickory Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Hickory Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Hog Bay Lake   Lake De Soto 10-39-25
Hog Bay Slough   River Desoto N/A¹
Hog Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Hog Lake   Lake Highlands 9-34-28
Hollingsworth, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Holloway, Lake   Lake Polk 21-28-24
Homeland Pit   Lake Polk 5-31-25
Honey Run   River Desoto N/A¹
Horney, Lake   Lake Polk 20-28-24
Horse Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Horse Creek Prairie   Lake Hardee 15-35-23
Horse Leg Lake   Lake Charlotte 33-40-25
Horseshoe Lake   Lake Polk 32-27-24
Howard, Lake   Lake Polk 30-28-26
Hunter Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Hydrilla Lake   Lake Polk 3-28-24
Ida, Lake (Lake Hamilton)   Lake Polk 16-28-27
Ida, Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk 17-28-26
Idyl, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Idylwild, Lake   Lake Polk 18-28-26
Idylwild-Cannon Canal   River Polk N/A¹
Ina, Lake   Lake Polk 34-28-26
Jackson Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Jessie, Lake   Lake Polk 12-28-25
Jim Long Lake   Lake Charlotte 02-40-23
Joe, Lake   Lake Polk 20-27-27
John, Lake   Lake Polk 31-28-24
Johnson Lake   Lake De Soto 29-38-24
Joshua Creek   River Desoto N/A¹
Ken, Lake   Lake Polk 31-27-24
Kit, Lake   Lake Polk 35-28-26
Knapp, Lake   Lake Polk 12-28-24
Lagoon Lake   Lake Polk 22-28-24
Laguna Serena   Lake Polk 17-30-25
Lake Alice   Lake Polk 32-27-27
Lake Caroline   Lake Polk 35-29-27
Lake Dale Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Lake Garfield Outlet   River Polk N/A¹
Lake Hamilton Canal   River Polk N/A¹
Lake Henry Canal   River Polk N/A¹
Lake Katherine   Lake De Soto 36-37-24
Lake Lulu Run   River Polk N/A¹
Lake Operation   Lake De Soto 6-39-27
Lake Parker Outlet   River Polk N/A¹
Lake Slough   River Desoto N/A¹
Lake Sunshine   Lake Charlotte 15-40-22
Lake Zappa   Lake Charlotte 8-40-23
Larch, Lake   Lake Polk 30-27-24
Lazy Lake   Lake Polk 23-28-24
Lee Branch   River Charlotte N/A¹
Lee, Lake (Lake Hamilton)   Lake Polk 16-28-27
Lee, Lake (N Of Waverly)   Lake Polk 10-29-27
Lena Run   River Polk N/A¹
Lena, Lake   Lake Polk 9-28-25
Lettis Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Lettuce Lake   Lake De Soto 23-39-23
Limestone Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Link, Lake   Lake Polk 27-28-26
Lion Heart Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Little Alligator Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Little Charley Bowlegs Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Little Charlie Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Little Lake Bonny   Lake Polk N/A
Little Lake Hamilton   Lake Polk N/A
Little Lake Henry   Lake Polk 30-27-27
Little Payne Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Littleton, Lake   Lake Polk 34-28-24
Lizzie Lake Lizz Lake Polk 1-31-26
Lois, Lake   Lake Polk 33-28-27
Long Lake (Alturas)   Lake Polk 22-30-26
Long Lake (Bartow)   Lake Polk 1-30-24
Long Point Marsh   Lake De Soto 10-37-27
Lorraine, Lake   Lake Polk 12-30-27
Lucerne, Lake   Lake Polk 2-28-26
Lulu, Lake   Lake Polk 4-29-26
Lure, Lake   Lake Polk 21-28-24
Mabel, Lake Mable Lake Polk 11-29-27
Mare Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Mariam, Lake Lake Marion Lake Polk N/A
Mariana, Lake Marianna, Sanitary Lake Polk 1-28-25
Marie, Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk 34-28-26
Martha, Lake Martha Lake Polk N/A
Maude, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Max Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
May, Lake   Lake Polk 29-28-26
May-Shipp Canal   River Polk N/A¹
McBride Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
McCullough Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Mcleod, Lake   Lake Polk 18-29-26
Meadowview Lake   Lake Polk 35-27-23
Menzie, Lake   Lake Polk 28-28-27
Mercer Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Meridian Lake   Lake Polk 4-29-24
Middle Lake Hamilton   Lake Polk N/A
Mill Seat Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Millbite, Lake   Lake Polk 22-30-26
Mills Pond   Lake Highlands 34-34-28
Millsite Lake   Lake Polk 11-29-25
Mineral Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Miriam, Lake   Lake Polk 7-29-24
Mirror, Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk 18-28-24
Mirror, Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk N/A
Mobil Lake   Lake Polk 17-30-25
Morningstar Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Morton, Lake   Lake Polk 19-28-24
Mossy Gully   River Desoto N/A¹
Mountain Lake (N Of Lake Wales)   Lake Polk 26-29-27
Mountain Lodge Lake   Lake Polk 27-29-27
Mud Lake   Lake Hardee 6-35-25
Mud Lake (Bartow)   Lake Polk 25-30-25
Myrtle Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Myrtle Slough   River Charlotte N/A¹
Myrtle Slough   River Charlotte N/A¹
Myrtle Slough   River Desoto N/A¹
Myrtle, Lake   Lake Polk 32-27-25
Ned Lake   Lake Polk 1-29-26
Niagra Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Noralyn Mine Lake   Lake Polk 25-30-24
North Fork Alligator Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Oak Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Oak Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Oak Creek Marsh   Lake De Soto 22-36-27
Old Town Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Olive Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Osborn Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Otis, Lake Little Otis Lake Polk N/A
Owen Creek   River Manatee N/A¹
Padgett Lake   Lake Polk 34-29-27
Pansy, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Parker Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Parker, Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk N/A
Parker, Lake (W Of Lake Wales)   Lake Polk 32-29-27
Parks Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Payne Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Peace Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Peace River   River Hardee N/A¹
Peace River Reservoir   Lake De Soto 16-39-23
Pelican Lake (Lakeland) Pelican Pond, Lazy Lake Lake Polk 14-28-24
Pelican Pond   Lake Polk 14-28-24
Pellam Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Pembroke, Lake   Lake Polk 24-30-26
Phyllis Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Phyllis Lake   Lake Polk 26-29-24
Picnic Lake   Lake Polk 35-27-24
Pine Island Lake   Lake De Soto 18-39-26
Plunder Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Polecat Lake George, Charles Lake Polk 27-30-26
Polk Lake   Lake Polk 2-30-25
Pollock, Lake   Lake Polk 5-29-24
Powerline Lake   Lake Charlotte 33-41-24
Prairie Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Punch Gully   River Hardee N/A¹
Punta Gorda Canal System   River Charlotte N/A¹
Rainey Slough   River Charlotte N/A¹
Rattlesnake Lake   Lake Polk 24-29-26
Reaphook Swamp   Lake Hardee 1-34-24
Reed, Lake   Lake Polk 14-29-26
Reeves Lake   Lake Polk 13-29-26
Rey, Lake   Lake Polk 33-28-26
Ring, Lake   Lake Polk 34-28-26
River Lake   Lake Polk 1-29-26
Rochelle, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Rocky Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Round Lake   Lake Polk 13-29-26
Round Lake   Lake Polk 15-30-26
Roy, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Ruby, Lake   Lake Polk 12-29-26
Ruth, Lake (Bartow)   Lake Polk 7-30-25
Saddle Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Saddle Creek Pit East   Lake Polk 14-28-24
Saddle Creek Pit North   Lake Polk 11-28-24
Saddle Creek Pit West   Lake Polk 15-28-24
Sand Gully   River Hardee N/A¹
Sand Gully   River Desoto N/A¹
Sand Lake (Bartow)   Lake Polk 24-30-25
Sandy Gully   River Hardee N/A¹
Sara, Lake   Lake Polk 17-28-27
Sears Lake   Lake Polk 36-28-25
Serena, Lake   Lake Polk 12-30-27
Seward Lake   Lake Polk 15-29-24
Sheep Pen Marsh   Lake De Soto 32-38-26
Shell Creek   River Charlotte N/A¹
Shell Creek Reservoir   Lake Charlotte 20-40-24
Shipp, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Shirttail Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Silver, Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk N/A
Sink Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Sixmile Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Skyview Lake   Lake Polk 22-28-24
Slippery Slough   River Desoto N/A¹
Smart, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Somerset, Lake Lake John Lake Polk 32-28-24
Sour Orange Lake   Lake De Soto 31-38-27
South Bear Branch   Lake Polk 3-30-24
Spirit Lake Little Spirit Lake Polk 35-28-25
Split Lake   Lake De Soto 16-38-27
Spring Lake   Lake Polk 20-28-26
Square Lake   Lake Polk 7-30-25
Stahl Canal Banana Canal River Polk N/A¹
Star Lake   Lake Polk 16-30-26
Star Lake (Alturas)   Lake Polk 16-30-26
Starr, Lake (South Of Waverly)   Lake Polk 14-29-27
Stella, Lake   Lake Polk 11-28-25
Summit, Lake   Lake Polk 34-28-26
Sunrise Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Sunset Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Sunshine Lake   Lake Polk 23-28-24
Surveyors Lake   Lake Polk 35-30-26
Suzanne, Lake   Lake Polk 15-29-27
Swan Lake   Lake Polk 16-28-26
Sweetwater Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Swoope, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Tarpon Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
Tater Patch Pond   Lake Polk 28-29-27
Thimble Lake   Lake Charlotte 7-40-25
Thomas Lake (Winter Haven)   Lake Polk 35-28-25
Thompson Branch   River Hardee N/A¹
Thornton Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Tice Lake   Lake Polk 35-29-25
Tidal Myakka River   Bay Sarasota N/A¹
Tidal Peace River   Bay Charlotte N/A¹
Tiger Bay   Lake De Soto 10-38-26
Tiger Bay Slough   River Desoto N/A¹
Tippen Bay   River Desoto N/A¹
Tractor Lake   Lake Polk 14-30-27
Tracy, Lake   Lake Polk N/A
Triple Lakes   Lake Charlotte 31-40-22
Troublesome Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
Twin Lake East (Lake Wales) Twin Lakes Lake Polk 11-30-27
Twin Lake West (Lake Wales) Twin Lakes Lake Polk 2-30-27
Twin Lakes (Alturas)   Lake Polk 24-30-26
Venus Lake   Lake Polk 9-29-27
Wahneta Canal   River Polk N/A¹
Walker Branch   River Desoto N/A¹
Walker, Lake   Lake Polk 21-30-26
Warren, Lake   Lake Polk 11-30-27
Waterview Lake   Lake Polk 5-29-24
Watkins, Lake   Lake Polk 29-28-24
Weaver, Lake Lake Weader Lake Polk 3-30-27
West Branch Saddle Creek   River Polk N/A¹
West Fork Horse Creek   River Hardee N/A¹
West Spring Lake   Lake Charlotte 21-40-22
Whidden Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Whistler, Lake   Lake Polk 33-27-25
Winterset, Lake Little Winterset Lake Polk 11-29-26
Wood Lake (Mulberry) Somerset Lake Polk 32-28-24
Yale Waterway   River Charlotte N/A¹
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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